Shinobii's Reseller Program is designed to provide assistance and direct support to our retail and distribution partners. The Program allows for better communication and collaboration between our customers and partners throughout the sales channel. We're committed to help our clients grow their business and respond with the best products and marketing support. Benefits of Shinobii's Reseller Program are:

Always up to date

You will always receive the latest information about new products, press releases and special activities. Official partners remain a step ahead of the competition.

Rebate program

Shinobii offers a new rebate concept which aims to provide distributors & resellers with the best value money can buy. Shinobii's rebate program simply delivers more quality products for less. Get rebates on a huge selection of Shinobii products and save money.

Marketing support
Shinobii knows how important product placing and brand visibility is. Shinobii's experienced marketing team will help you grow your business with Shinobii through product placing, product reviews, editorials, banners for advertising and much more.

Only a few mouse clicks away
Once you account has been approved, resellers are able to download things including spec sheets, web banners, high-resolution pictures, advertising material, and more.

Phone and Email Support
Our sales team is available by phone or email to help you with questions about new products, special projects or anything else Shinobii-related.

Professional Support for Technical Queries
Our technical support department is at your disposal for all questions about Shinobii products. They can be reached by phone or email during regular business hours.

Reseller referrals
Managing our distribution and retail channels by providing exclusive lead referrals for first class partners that sign up with Shinobii's Reseller Program. At Shinobii we value our partners and support them with customer leads, inquiry forwarding and internet presence.

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